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How does an excavator work?

25 December 2015
Tracks, similar to tank tracks, are activated by the diesel powered engine, and hydraulic motors control the arm of the excavator.


Excavator equipment is powered by diesel. Diesel offers the ultimate in horsepower to allow maximum efficiency. Fuelling excavator parts in this way is much more reliable than using other products, as diesel can withstand the rigours of major works.


The operator of the excavator uses pedals and levers to steer the equipment, and to move backwards and forwards. Tracks, similar to tank tracks, are activated by the diesel powered engine, and hydraulic motors control the arm of the excavator.


The arm of equipment, such as one that is composed of Komatsu excavator parts, is incorporated into the lower frame chassis. It is composed of three hydraulic pistons that operate in tandem with steel piston arms.

The two main sections and bucket loader are connected by means of a hinge. The extension of the first piston widens the section at the same time as increases in girth, providing further reach for the operator. The third piston activates the bucket loader, enabling the collection of debris into the bucket.

Excavator buckets function with specially designed excavator teeth.


The excavator attachments require fixed tracks in order to function. The tracks are operated by means of manipulating gears that are fused with the engine.

Use of the gears allows the hydraulic excavator to move backwards and forwards. Turning the machine involves replacing one track with another. More complex pieces of equipment involve manipulating more than one track at the same time, though this is not the case with every excavator for sale.

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