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The 7 biggest LNG projects in the world

02 October 2015

Here at National Plant & Equipment, we’re always interested in seeing the latest statistics surrounding the oil and gas industry. So when we came across an infographic showing the seven largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects on Earth, by Mirage Machines, we knew we had to share it.


LNG has revolutionised the world’s energy market. Natural gas powers many homes, businesses and cities, but for those that are located far from a gas field, LNG is invaluable. By cooling natural gas to -160ºC, LNG is created – it is a colourless, clear, non-toxic liquid that takes up a lot less space than natural gas, so it can be stored and transported more easily. It has the added benefit of emitting less CO2 than many other fuels, too.

Mining machinery is perfectly placed for a move towards LNG because the vast majority of haul trucks use diesel engines with electric traction drives. This kind of engine can be converted to a gas engine relatively easily. In addition, LNG is extremely convenient for mining operations, as they have a high demand for fuels, but are usually located in remote locations without ready access to them. LNG can be transported and used in these areas without difficulty.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, five of the world’s seven largest LNG projects can be found in Australia. However, the top two projects are overseas; Russia takes second place with their project in Western Siberia, which will have an estimated output of 16.5 million tonnes per annum. The USA takes the top spot, with a Gulf Coast project that will include trains with the capacity to carry tonnes of LNG and an estimated output of 18 million tonnes per annum.

With these seven projects worth an estimated combined total of over US$190 billion, the importance of LNG to the global oil and gas industry is plain to see.

You can take a look at the world’s seven largest LNG projects in more detail below.

Infographic source:


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