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Water Trucks

Cat Water Truck 785 C/D

Cat 785 Water Trucks are available in models C or D. The Cat Water Delivery System (WDS) is an efficient way for mining operations to control dust on haul roads. This automated system, which is a fully-integrated Cat design, controls the amount of water and spray patterns to prevent the hazards common with overwatering. The system employs a self-contained hydraulic system that controls spray patterns and allows for consistent water coverage regardless of engine RPM. The system is capable of spraying up to 1,200 gal (3 785 L) per minute at speeds ranging from 3 to 25 mph (5 to 40 kph).

At a Glance

Approximate Capacity 110,000L / 120,000L
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Whether it’s a short-term or a long-term water truck hire you’re seeking, choose National Plant & Equipment for a tailored solution that is right for your business. With years of experience in delivering quality machinery rental solutions to some of Australia’s largest and most well-respected mining and construction companies, you can trust NPE to have the water truck you need to get the job done. 

Commitment to service and maintenance

With our flexible business model, we can deliver water truck hire solutions for your company designed to suit you best. We strongly believe in providing exceptional service to every one of our customers so that you can feel secure in your partnership with us. From our flexible water truck hire rates to delivery and maintenance of the machinery you desire, National Plant & Equipment has you covered for all your delivery and distribution needs.

How much does it cost to hire a water truck

One of the best parts about doing business with machinery rental experts like National Plant & Equipment is our flexible business model. This allows us to deliver exactly the solution you seek at affordable rates — providing you with the best value for money. Our water truck hire rates vary depending on the term of your rental agreement. So for an accurate indication of what water truck hire would cost for your company, it’s best to request a quote from our team. 

How water truck hire can benefit your business

Hiring a water truck can be essential for your business’ short or long-term requirements. As a piece of machinery that securely carts and distributes water for various purposes, hiring a water truck from National Plant & Equipment means you can get the job done without incurring a significant capital expense of buying one of these trucks outright. With regular maintenance performed on every vehicle in our fleet, you can ensure that the water truck you hire won’t let you down. 

A variety of rental options to choose from

At National Plant & Equipment, we understand that the needs of two companies are never the same, which is why we offer a range of water truck hire options to choose from. These include: 

  • Short-term rental
  • Long-term rental 
  • Rent-to-own contracts

Contact the National Plant & Equipment team today to discuss your water truck hire requirements and discover the value-packed deals we can offer your business. 


Should I buy or hire a water truck?

As opposed to a major capital purchase, water truck hire offers you an affordable way to take care of your water cartage and distribution needs. 

How much is it to hire a water truck?

Water truck hire rates depend on the vehicle’s size and the duration of your rental agreement with NPE. Contact our team today for an accurate quote on water truck hire

What size water truck do I need?

At NPE, we have options ranging from 15,000L to 120,000L capacity. Consider how much water you need to move and distribute and choose from our range accordingly. 

Will you provide an operator along with the truck rental?

You can opt to solely rent a vehicle from our fleet or speak with us about including a licensed operator with any specialist equipment. 

How do I know if the water truck is safe?We conduct regular maintenance on our entire fleet and offer a 24/7 maintenance and repair promise for all our machinery. Your water truck hire will be backed by our maintenance promise to ensure you get only the best quality equipment.