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Cat 16M Motor Grader

The Cat 16M Motor Grader will have a direct impact on mine site productivity and costs. The haul road is either the mine's greatest asset or greatest liability. When haul roads are kept in top condition, trucks live longer and run faster. The Cat 16M Motor Grader will ensure road conditions extend truck life, resulting in reduced maintenance costs, lower fuel costs and reducing tire damage. As a result, cycle times are improved and more ore is produced at a lower cost.

At a Glance

Base Power 216.0 kW
Operating Weight 32,411 KG
Blade Width 4.9 m
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When completing your project within the required timeframe and on budget, grader hire is a strategic move that significantly enhances project efficiency and quality. Graders, with their distinctive long blades, are essential earth-moving equipment for creating level surfaces, a critical requirement in various mining, construction and infrastructural developments.

The benefits of grader hire from National Plant & Equipment 

  • Cost-effectiveness

Opting for grader hire instead of purchasing one offers numerous advantages — the foremost being cost-effectiveness. Grader hire allows for allocating resources to other vital aspects of a project without the burden of a large capital investment. It also eliminates the costs associated with maintenance, storage and transportation.

  • Flexibility and project-specific solutions

Flexibility is another key benefit of grader hire. Projects vary in scope and requirements, and hiring graders allows for the selecting of specific models suited to each project’s unique needs. This adaptability ensures that the capabilities of a singular piece of equipment do not limit your project. Choose from our short-term and long-term rental options to suit your needs. 

  • Around-the-clock service and repairs 

Reliability is crucial in mining, and grader hire ensures access to well-maintained and serviced equipment. This reliability reduces downtime caused by equipment failure, optimising project timelines and efficiency.

We employ experienced local technicians who can service and maintain the largest and most complex heavy earthmoving equipment, carrying out scheduled servicing and general repairs to ensure the safety and reliability of your hired equipment. We offer 24/7 maintenance and repair services to our valued customers in even the remotest areas of Australia, with minimal downtime, enhanced efficiency and increased productivity, your business can profit rather than lose money or fall behind on your next project. 

  • Access to the latest technology

Grader hire offers access to the latest models equipped with advanced technology. Modern graders have features like enhanced operator comfort and ease of service, enhancing precision in levelling tasks. This access to cutting-edge technology is vital for maintaining high standards for your next project. Our graders can operate from 23,538 kg to 74,344 kg to suit your needs. 

Invest in grader hire for your business from National Plant & Equipment today

Grader hire is a smart and strategic choice to help you build and maintain the haul roads required to support large mining operations and maximise investment returns. At National Plant & Equipment, we offer a range of equipment for hire, from excavators to dozers and dump trucks. If you have any questions, please contact our team, who are happy to assist. Otherwise, request a quote online and we’ll contact you shortly with a personalised quote for our equipment for hire. 


What is a grader, and what is its primary function in construction?

A grader, also known as a motor grader or a road grader, is a type of heavy construction equipment with a long, adjustable blade situated between the front and rear wheels. Its primary function in construction is to create a flat surface, ensuring a level base or a specific slope for various projects. This makes it an essential tool in road construction, where it shapes and finishes the roadbed to the precise gradient and elevation required. Graders are used for fine grading, spreading and earthmoving in different construction scenarios, making them versatile and indispensable equipment in the construction industry.

What safety precautions should operators take when using a grader?

When operating a grader, operators should always wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including a hard hat, high-visibility clothing and hearing protection. Before use, thoroughly inspect the grader for any mechanical issues. Operators should be trained in properly using the equipment and maintaining a clear awareness of their surroundings to avoid collisions with other vehicles, objects or personnel. 

They should adhere to safe operating speeds and keep the blade at an appropriate height to prevent overturning. Communication with ground workers is essential to ensure a safe working environment. Operators should never bypass the safety features of the grader, and should follow all manufacturer guidelines and workplace safety regulations.

How do you ensure the quality and reliability of your graders in your rental fleet?

Each grader undergoes regular service checks by our qualified technicians to ensure all mechanical components function optimally. We also replace parts proactively based on usage and manufacturers’ recommendations to prevent breakdowns. 

We keep our fleet updated with the latest models equipped with advanced technology, providing improved efficiency and enhanced safety features. Before each rental, a thorough inspection is conducted to certify that the grader meets our high standards for performance and safety. This commitment to maintenance and continuous fleet upgrading guarantees our clients receive reliable and high-quality grader hire for their projects.